At Nasser Hospital in Khan Yunis, IDF Achieves War Goals with Precision

(JNS) Yaakov Lappin - As IDF special forces entered Nasser Hospital in Khan Yunis on Feb. 15, which like every other medical, educational and civilian site in Gaza served as a Hamas military hub, 200 Hamas members surrendered without firing a shot. Out of an estimated 10,500 Gazan civilians in the compound, the IDF evacuated around 8,000 before forces entered. Once Israeli forces entered the hospital, the IDF continued to work with medical staff to protect patients and move them out of combat zones. A large amount of water and food, including baby food, was also delivered by the IDF to those remaining in the facility. The IDF was in close touch with hospital staff regarding medical supplies, and during the operation, the hospital received a generator from the IDF to ensure continued power supply to the Intensive Care Unit. With 3/4 of Gaza under IDF control, the military has demonstrated that, despite predictions of doom, it can operate in the most challenging urban warfare environment in the world. The IDF has removed roughly half of Hamas' army from the battlefield. The IDF is gradually moving into the more targeted mopping-up phase in the north and central Gaza, shattering Hamas as an organized army.

2024-02-27 00:00:00

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