Israel Outlines Post-War Plan for Gaza

(Times of Israel) Jacob Magid - Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu on Thursday presented the Security Cabinet with a document of principles regarding the management of Gaza after the war. Civil affairs in Gaza will be run by "local officials" who have "administrative experience" and who aren't tied to "countries or entities that support terrorism." The IDF will maintain freedom to operate throughout Gaza to prevent the resurgence of terror activity. Israel will establish a security buffer zone on the Palestinian side of the Gaza border to remain in place "as long as there is a security need for it." At the Egyptian-Gaza border, Israel will enforce a "closure" to prevent the revival of terror activity, with assistance from the U.S. and in cooperation with Egypt "as much as possible." The "closure will be made up of measures aimed at preventing smuggling from Egypt - both underground and above ground, including at the Rafah crossing." The plan envisions Gaza's "complete demilitarization...beyond what is required for the needs of maintaining public order." Israel will be responsible for realizing this goal for the foreseeable future. Israel will also promote a "de-radicalization all religious, educational and welfare institutions in Gaza, as much as possible with the involvement and assistance of Arab countries that have experience in promoting de-radicalization." Israel will work to replace the UN relief agency for Palestinian refugees, UNRWA, with "responsible international aid organizations." Israel will only allow the reconstruction of Gaza to begin after the completion of the demilitarization and the commencement of the "de-radicalization process." "The rehabilitation plan will be financed and led by countries acceptable to Israel."

2024-02-23 00:00:00

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