The Houthi Bypass: Goods Move Overland via Saudi Arabia and Jordan to Haifa

(Times of Israel) Sharon Wrobel - The disruption of maritime trade in the Red Sea by Houthi militants has prompted Israeli freight and logistics firms to switch to alternative overland routes to transport goods from the Far East to Israel via Saudi Arabia and Jordan. "Ships coming from China and India unload containers in the ports of Bahrain and Dubai, and then the cargo is loaded onto Jordanian trucks and is transferred overland to Israel via the King Hussein border crossing with Jordan, where Israeli trucks await the goods," said Israel-based freight forwarder Mentfield Logistics CEO Omer Izhari. "Dozens of trucks a day, not just by us, are facilitating this route to shorten shipping times for goods from textiles to electronics, raw materials for industry, metal pipes, and aluminum."

2024-02-14 00:00:00

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