Palestinians Speak Out Against Hamas

(Gatestone Institute) Bassam Tawil - Since the beginning of the current war in Gaza, a growing number of Palestinians and Arabs have been speaking out against Iran-backed Hamas, whose members committed the Oct. 7 massacre against Israelis. However, their voices have been almost completely ignored by the mainstream media in the West, most of which remains obsessed with Israel, and by the Arab media as well. Ahmed Fouad Al-Khatib, who left Gaza for the U.S. a few years ago, posted on X: "Hamas could have made different choices that would have opened new political pathways for Palestinian unity and the development of Gaza. Instead, they chose to hold their people hostage and divert materials and resources into a futile armed resistance project that has set Palestinians back by decades." "Those who don't have to live with the consequences of Hamas' 'resistance' are understandably the group's most fervent supporters and excusers (weirdly, especially in London). Leave it to lousy beneficiaries of Western privilege to defend a terror group that oppresses its own people and uses them as cannon fodder in its suicidal adventures." "Never forget that over 30,000 Gazans would still be alive today if Hamas kept its fighters at home on October 7. The pro-Palestine movement deserves better 'allies' and 'supporters' than overt & covert Hamas enthusiasts. Denying the atrocities of October 7 is truly shameful."

2024-02-13 00:00:00

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