British Prime Minister Sunak: Anyone Unable to Condemn "Evil" Hamas Has "No Conscience or Morality"

(Jewish News-UK) Lee Harpin - British Prime Minister Rishi Sunak warned Monday that any person or organization that "cannot unequivocally condemn the evil that Hamas did" on October 7 has "no conscience, no morality, no decency and deserves no respect." "I also reject any attempt to draw an equivalence between Israel's actions and those of the terrorists who videotape their appalling crimes, who rape and murder with gratuitous zealotry. That is why this government has condemned the completely unjustified case that South Africa has brought to the International Court of Justice." Sunak said the responses by some pro-Palestinian activists to the Hamas October 7 terror atrocity have provided a "painful reminder" of how "anti-Zionism all too often morphs into antisemitism." "It is sadly the case that, when Israel responds to terrorism, to some people it automatically becomes the aggressor. Those people who rip down posters of hostages reveal themselves to have no humanity....We will have zero tolerance for those who promote or glorify terrorism or peddle antisemitism on our streets."

2024-01-24 00:00:00

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