Netanyahu Is Not Alone in Opposing a Palestinian State

(Los Angeles Times) Raphael S. Cohen - President Biden asked Israeli Prime Minister Netanyahu to commit to a Palestinian state once the Israel-Hamas war ends, and Netanyahu said no. Israel sees that its 2005 withdrawal from Gaza gave Hamas a sanctuary to plan, train for and ultimately launch an attack on Israel. In Israel's view, a two-state solution would only compound this problem. So, Israel asks, what would prevent Hamas or a similar group from usurping control of a Palestinian state much as they did in Gaza? This is not just Netanyahu's view but Israelis' view. In a survey conducted several months before the Hamas attack, a mere 35% of Israelis thought two states could "coexist peacefully." Even if Netanyahu were to depart from the political scene, such Israeli opposition may remain. The U.S. can promise incentives such as normalization of relations with Saudi Arabia, but the fear of another Oct. 7 will trump any potential benefits. The writer is director of the Strategy and Doctrine Program of the Rand Corp.'s Project Air Force.

2024-01-23 00:00:00

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