Bush: "We Must Not Allow Iran to Develop a Nuclear Weapon"

[White House] President Bush said Thursday: "This summer's crisis in Lebanon has made it clearer than ever that the world now faces a grave threat from the radical regime in Iran. The Iranian regime arms, funds, and advises Hizballah, which has killed more Americans than any terrorist network except al-Qaeda. The Iranian regime interferes in Iraq by sponsoring terrorists and insurgents, empowering unlawful militias, and supplying components for improvised explosive devices. The Iranian regime denies basic human rights to millions of its people. And the Iranian regime is pursuing nuclear weapons in open defiance of its international obligations." "We know the death and suffering that Iran's sponsorship of terrorists has brought, and we can imagine how much worse it would be if Iran were allowed to acquire nuclear weapons....So far, the Iranian regime has responded with further defiance and delay....There must be consequences for Iran's defiance, and we must not allow Iran to develop a nuclear weapon."

2006-09-01 01:00:00

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