U.S. Administration's Pathway to a Palestinian Terror State

(Gatestone Institute) Bassam Tawil - As Iran and its proxies continue the jihad (holy war) to murder Jews and eliminate Israel, the Biden administration has not abandoned their dream of creating a Palestinian terror state on Israel's doorstep. The last thing the Middle East needs is another Iran-dominated terror state that would destabilize security and stability and pose an existential threat to Israel. According to the U.S. administration, the current war in the Middle East is the result of Palestinians not having a state of their own. Creating a pathway to a Palestinian state is the best way to stabilize the wider region and isolate Iran and its proxies, U.S. Secretary of State Antony Blinken said in Davos on Wednesday. By continuing to obsessively stick to the creation of a Palestinian state, the Biden administration is actually sending a message to Iran and its terror proxies that terrorism pays - that if they inflict more pain and casualties on Israel, the Americans will reward them with a state of their own next to Israel to facilitate their mission of continuing their Jihadist murder spree against Jews and finally obliterate Israel. A future Palestinian state would be controlled by Palestinians who reject Israel's right to exist. The most recent public opinion poll published by the Palestinian Center for Policy and Survey Research showed that since the Oct. 7 massacre, Hamas' popularity has increased and its support has more than tripled in the West Bank compared to three months ago. The poll found that 64% of Palestinians oppose the idea of a two-state solution, while 53% support a return to the "armed struggle" against Israel. Polls have consistently shown that a majority of Palestinians believe that Hamas is more deserving of representing them than the PA. This means that if and when a Palestinian state is established, as the Biden administration is hoping, it will be ruled by Hamas and its masters in Iran. It means that Hizbullah, Palestinian Islamic Jihad, the Houthis and Iran's Islamic Revolutionary Guard Corps would be overlooking the Jerusalem-Tel Aviv highway and Ben-Gurion International Airport. It would mean copy-pasting Hamas-ruled Gaza to the West Bank, bringing the danger to the center of Israel. Creating another Arab state alongside Israel would incentivize Iran and its clients to escalate their Jihad against Israel: it would send them the message that the more Jews you murder, the more land you get - as a launching pad to attack Israel. What the U.S. administration seems unable to grasp is that there are still too many people among the Palestinians, and many other Arabs and Muslims, who have yet to come to terms with the right of a nation that is not Islamic to remain in its home in the Middle East.

2024-01-19 00:00:00

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