How Oct. 7 Made Me a Zionist

(National Post-Canada) Allan Stratton - Before Oct. 7, I was a typical '60s social democrat. Born shortly after the Holocaust, I grew up with Israel as a fact, not a dream, and considered ongoing Zionism the chief obstacle to peace in the Middle East. Oct. 7 changed that. It is a day and demarcation as seismic as 9/11. It wasn't just the gleeful depravity of the Hamas murders, rapes and burnings that changed the world. It was also the celebration of savagery by intersectional apologists. Anyone who doubts the Jewish need for Israel, and the elimination of the death cult on its doorstep, is delusional. Look at the mobs attacking Canada's Jews, along with their gathering places and businesses. Listen to the words of union leaders, academics and politicians. Imagine being a Jew in a Canadian university, union or NGO, much less one wearing a yarmulke or a Star of David. These aren't Israelis being targeted - they're Canadians. If Jews can't feel safe in a country as diverse and progressive as Canada, where can they feel safe? How can they not have a state devoted to their protection? A Zionist believes in the necessity of a Jewish homeland. That necessity became obvious after millennia of global pogroms and ethnic cleanings that climaxed with the Holocaust. It is impossible to forget that history when we see Jew-hate on our streets today. Knowing what we know and seeing what we see, how can a decent person not be a Zionist?

2023-12-06 00:00:00

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