Israel Weighs Plan to Flood Gaza Tunnels with Seawater

(Wall Street Journal) Nancy A. Youssef - Israel has assembled a system of large pumps it could use to flood Hamas' vast network of tunnels under Gaza with seawater, a tactic that could destroy the tunnels and drive the fighters from their underground refuge but also threaten Gaza's water supply, U.S. officials said. Israel is weighing its feasibility and effect on the environment against the military value of disabling the tunnels. Because it isn't clear how much seawater would seep into the soil, it is hard to assess the impact of pumping seawater into the tunnels, said Jon Alterman of the Center for Strategic and International Studies. Egypt in 2015 used seawater to flood tunnels operated by smugglers under the Rafah border crossing with Gaza.

2023-12-05 00:00:00

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