Israelis Warned On Travel to 80 Countries

(Jewish Insider) Lahav Harkov - Israel's National Security Council on Monday raised its travel warning for Israelis in 80 countries, including much of Western Europe and South America. A senior official told reporters that "many terrorist attacks" on Jewish and Israeli targets around the world "were prevented since the start of the war." "There is an awakening among global jihadist groups, like al-Qaeda and ISIS." The NSC said, "from the start of the war, we see increased efforts by Iran and its proxies, as well as by Hamas and other global jihad factors, to harm Israeli destinations and Jews around the world, together with a continuing and significant rise in incitement, attempted attacks, and antisemitic acts in many countries." The official said, "We're not saying don't travel; but that every Israeli who wants to travel should consider the alert level."

2023-12-05 00:00:00

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