When Will Palestinians Shed Their Victimhood and Look to Coexist with Israel?

(Washington Times) Denise Cohen - In 1991, I visited the home of a Palestinian woman in Gaza who had just lost her son. She didn't know I was Jewish. She launched into a recitation of her people's mission to stay in Gaza until the Jews left Israel. On her mantel was a photo of her son. She gave me a copy of the picture and told me that all the teenage boys had pictures ready for distribution upon their death. She chose to live a life of protest rather than one of betterment for the next generation. More than three decades later, the mission is unchanged, and the venom directed at Israel has been passed to several subsequent generations of Palestinians. Rather than funneling their brainpower and international aid into becoming Singapore or the United Arab Emirates, Palestinians in Gaza remain in despair. Perhaps it's time for Palestinians to take a page from the Jews they hate so much and shed their victimhood and hopelessness.

2023-12-04 00:00:00

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