Hizbullah Prepared for Invasion of Northern Israel

(Alma Research Center) Maj. (res.) Tal Beeri - For the past two years, Hizbullah has been preparing to infiltrate Israeli territory and take over Israeli military bases and communities in the Galilee. Since the summer of 2022, Hizbullah's Radwan unit has reached the operational capability to fulfill its mission and Hizbullah was on the verge of deciding to authorize the invasion. It would begin with massive rocket and mortar fire along the entire border and the neutralization of border surveillance devices by sniper fire, UAVs, and anti-tank fire. Radwan Unit operatives would then storm the barrier throughout the entire sector, on foot and with motorcycles and ATVs. In practice, on Oct. 7, Hamas effectively copied the invasion plan of the Radwan unit and implemented it. The events of Oct. 7 proved again that any physical or technological obstacle will inevitably be breached. It is our assessment that, at any given time, Hizbullah can implement its operational plan to invade Israeli territory.

2023-12-01 00:00:00

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