Israeli Hostages Freed from Gaza Recount Violence, Hunger and Fear

(New York Times) Katherine Rosman - As some Israeli hostages captured by Hamas on Oct. 7 have been released, they have relayed stories of their captivity to family members. The New York Times interviewed the family members of 10 freed hostages. They described how the hostages, many of them children, were deprived of adequate food, living on a single piece of bread per day for weeks. Others were fed small portions of rice or pieces of cheese. The Red Cross was denied access to the hostages. Many of the hostages have come home malnourished, infested with lice, ill, injured and deeply traumatized. Many of the family members interviewed, whose parents or siblings remain in captivity, were reluctant to share the most incriminating details of their captivity lest the militants retaliate against the hostages still in their custody. By Thursday, 102 hostages had been released from Gaza, most of them women and children, while 210 Palestinians had been released from Israeli prisons.

2023-12-01 00:00:00

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