A New War Has Just Been Declared on Hamas' Overseas Business Network

(Ha'aretz) David Rosenberg - A new front in the Gaza war opened on Monday against Hamas' financial arm by a new task force comprising the U.S., Israel and 11 other countries. Derailing the Hamas money train is important. Whether they are inspired by religion, nationalism, hatred or economic distress, terrorists have to eat and must be paid, and they need money for arms. Hamas' global business empire includes mining companies in Sudan and real estate developers in the Gulf, Africa and Turkey. Hamas companies built Sudan's first shopping mall and skyscrapers in the UAE. Israeli sources told The Economist that Hamas businesses bring in $500 million annually. However, Hamas constructed its business empire precisely in order to circumvent Western sanctions. The great majority of its assets are located in countries like Turkey, Qatar, the UAE, Sudan and Algeria that are unlikely to cooperate with any Western crackdown.

2023-11-30 00:00:00

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