Video: Wounded Israeli-Arab IDF Officer Recalls October 7

(October7Attack-Jerusalem Center for Public Affairs) Major F interviewed by Suzan Quitaz - I am an Arab Muslim and serve in the Israeli army because the Israeli army is an army of peace, which does not kill innocents, an army that helps all people even during wars. The Israeli army always teaches us that we are here to maintain the security and safety of the people inside Israel. Over the years I progressed and became an officer, and I even studied at the expense of the army. In the army everyone is equal. I have not felt a hint of racism in the army and they have given me everything I've wanted. As an Arab and as a Muslim, I was respected and have never felt anything racist or unsatisfactory. On Saturday, Oct. 7, I received a call from the commander of the unit who told me that we have terrorists infiltrating the country. We approached the towns where there were terrorists and tried to push them back. We repelled those that we could and protected the people, children and elderly that were there. And with thanks to Allah, we managed to keep them away. I believe that when you act with good intentions, Allah, praised be His name, helps you. I was in Kerem Shalom, Holit and Sufa. I saw many dead and wounded, from kids to old men and women. And the sight of it was very, very difficult. I saw many soldiers, men and women, that had been beheaded, their hands and limbs cut off, a lot of young men burned, and I have friends who were burned and some who were kidnapped there. We saw many things that we did not believe that any person would have the heart to do. When we entered Kibbutz Holit, we encountered a lot of terrorists, and I was one of the first fighters there. There was an exchange of fire, and several bullets penetrated my legs. Thanks to Allah, today we are trying to heal my legs fully. The army does not leave me at all. They're with me 24/7, both by communicating and in providing any assistance that I need, helping to restore my condition to better than it was. Seriously, from the bottom of my heart, I thank the entire army, officers and commanders who came and called. I am very satisfied with the way I have been treated while I get my strength back. The State of Israel is a peaceful country. The Arab countries must stand by Israel and help and support it and prevent acts of terror against it so that there will be a true, full, and comprehensive peace in the Middle East.

2023-11-24 00:00:00

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