Israel Will Never Apologize for Being More Powerful than Its Enemies

(Toronto Star-Canada) George Monastiriakos - Israel will never apologize for being more powerful than the failed states and terror groups that seek to destroy it. Nor should any reasonable person ever expect it to. To paraphrase Israeli Prime Minister Golda Meir: If Jews have a choice between being dead and pitied or alive with a "bad" image, then they will always choose the second option. A powerful state is the best insurance policy for ensuring their survival. The world's Jewish population still hasn't recovered from the Holocaust three generations later. "Never again" is now, and it means that Jews will fight to defend themselves or die trying. Forged by adversity, the days when the Jewish people were weak, stateless, and bullied are over. Israel is aware that segments of the international community will side with the underdog, even if the underdog is a morally bankrupt terror group like Hamas. Israel knows that it can't rely on thoughts, prayers, empty words, biased global opinion, or failed institutions like the UN to keep its citizens safe. Israel will never apologize for being strong enough to prevent Hamas, or any other failed state and terror group that seek its destruction, from succeeding. The writer is a Fellow at the Geneva Centre for Security Policy.

2023-11-21 00:00:00

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