Those Who Celebrated the Hamas Massacre Are Not Our Critics, They Are Our Enemies

(Israel Hayom) Dr. Miriam Adelson - As Hamas' machine-gunning, stabbing, dismembering, burning, torturing, raping and kidnapping of Israeli civilians on the Gaza periphery was still proceeding, pro-Palestinian advocates were already surfacing in Western cities to chant their support. The media described these displays as "protests," but that was false. Israel had yet to repel the terrorists, let alone retaliate, so there was nothing to "protest" against. No, those ghastly gatherings were celebrations, hallelujahs to the horrors. For Israelis, for Jews, and for our many supporters in the world, this should have been the final unmasking of the "From the River to the Sea, Palestine Will Be Free" mobs. They do not yearn for Palestinian liberation or advancement. They yearn only to see the end of the world's sole Jewish state and they are willing to countenance an Israeli bloodbath in achieving that goal. These people are not our critics. They are our enemies. The stakes in Israel's war of survival have never been so clear. We need no longer engage those who condemn Hamas and then add a "but" followed by condemnation of Israel; or those who thunder at the tactics of Israel's counter-offensive, without ever having taken an interest in far bloodier campaigns waged from Afghanistan to Iraq to Mali; or those who are more outraged by posters of kidnapped Israeli kids than about the fact that they were kidnapped in a vile crime against humanity. The writer is the publisher of Israel Hayom.

2023-11-21 00:00:00

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