A "Humanitarian Pause" in Gaza Would Punish Israel and Strengthen Hamas

(National Post-Canada) Carson Jerema - The best possible outcome for civilians in both Israel and Gaza would be the swift destruction of Hamas. Anything less would leave the terrorist group in place to plot its next murderous rampage against Israeli Jews. A so-called humanitarian pause would give Hamas time to regroup, refuel and refortify, not to mention providing easier access to weapons and other supplies from Iran, its backer. Pausing fighting could also be deadly for Israelis. Retired Canadian Gen. Rick Hillier told CBC Tuesday that a pause could result in the deaths of hundreds of soldiers. The onus is being placed on Israel to put the safety and lives of its own citizens at risk to satisfy politicians in the West who have disgracefully romanticized Hamas as some sort of freedom-fighting resistance group. Hamas did not attack Israel because of an occupation in Gaza, an occupation that ended in 2005, or because of the years-long blockade against the territory, which Egypt has also enforced. Hamas attacked because it wants to eradicate Israel from the map, and because of its twisted desire to murder Jewish people. In practice, a humanitarian pause would be just another way to punish Jews and give comfort to Israel's terrorist enemies.

2023-11-09 00:00:00

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