The Attack on Israel by the Monsters of Hamas

(Telegraph-UK) Jordan Peterson - I am in serious trouble this week because I argued that the authorities in Israel should give the terrorists who invaded their land, torturing and killing their citizens, the hell they most truly deserve. How could I say such a thing while simultaneously maintaining my desire for a rapprochement between the peoples of the Abrahamic tradition? The attack on Israel by the monsters of Hamas occurred not because Muslims and Jews are destined, by religious necessity, to be at each other's throats, but because Hamas' biggest supporters in Iran - a country run by thugs, and deemed so even by its own people - had become concerned that the rulers of Saudi Arabia would continue in their laudable attempts to formulate a productive peace with Israel. There are many Muslims willing to believe conspiratorial narratives spread on social media about Jewish people. Many of these narratives, if one looks at their source, are deliberately spread by the brutal Iranian regime. I might inquire of the Muslims who accept such stories: Is Iran your idea of a worthy Islamic state? The very Iran whose citizens, Muslims all, have revolted against their psychopathic masters? I plead with those of you reading this in the Muslim world: I am pro-Muslim, but anti the thuggish behavior we have seen in the past week. And if you are a true follower of Allah, that is the decision that is incumbent upon you, in equal measure.

2023-10-22 00:00:00

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