U.S. Deal to Normalize Saudi-Israel Relations Risks Nuclear Arms Race

(Telegraph-UK) Edmund Bower - Sir John Jenkins, the British ambassador to Saudi Arabia from 2012 to 2015, said if Riyadh acquired a bomb, "the Egyptians would do the same. I'm absolutely sure. And what about Turkey? The ramifications for nuclear proliferation in the Middle East are huge....The Saudis are saying: 'If you want normalization, this is the price,' and the price is extremely high. So how much do you want it?" Saudi Arabia last week agreed to tougher checks by the International Atomic Energy Agency. "It shows that it's moving and moving fast," said Yoel Guzansky, a former member of Israel's National Security Council. Defenders of the proposals say Washington will maintain tough checks to prevent a Saudi nuclear program from being used for military purposes. But Guzansky said: "We learned in Iran that these things don't work."

2023-10-02 00:00:00

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