Nazi and Soviet Conspiracy Themes in the Palestinian Discourse: Policy Lessons for Israel

(Jerusalem Center for Public Affairs) Dan Diker - Since its founding in 1994, the Palestinian Authority's antisemitic discourse, rooted in Nazi and Soviet-era conspiracy theories, has fueled its decades-old political warfare campaign to isolate, destabilize, and subvert the State of Israel. The international community has largely overlooked this flagrant violation of the Oslo Accords: to desist from incitement to terror and violence. This essay documents nearly 30 years of PA antisemitic rhetoric in its media, social networks, official government statements, and educational system. PLO and PA antisemitic rhetoric constitutes a national security threat to Israel and the Jewish people today. Israel has the legal and moral mandate and responsibility to hold the PA accountable for its ongoing antisemitic incitement. Israel should penalize the PA by withholding funds and referring the PA to international legal bodies for inciting and encouraging deadly terrorism, which has killed and wounded thousands of Israelis. The author is President of the Jerusalem Center. This article is part of the Center's new "Oslo at 30" compendium.

2023-09-04 00:00:00

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