Libya Should Be Grateful Israel Even Considered Diplomatic Ties

(National Post-Canada) Avi Benlolo - Media headlines last week accused Israel of provoking a backlash over its meeting with Libya's foreign minister, a meeting that was meant to initiate diplomatic ties. While agreeing to the meeting, the Libyans pretended that the encounter was a catastrophe, with Libyan Foreign Minister Najila Mangoush having to flee for her life. While numerous Arab nations have normalized relations with Israel, Moammar Gadhafi's hateful ethos still resonates among Libyans. The loss of diplomatic relations is not on Israel, but on Libya. Frankly, the Libyans should be thanking Israel for even considering diplomatic relations, given the instability and lack of legitimacy. Israel should be commended for its outreach and continuous search for peace, despite the backward behavior of some of these countries. Israel's economy is 11.4 times larger than Libya's. By striving to open diplomatic relations with its sworn enemies, Israel has shown the moral high ground. Libya's reaction to diplomatic efforts speaks volumes about Libya more than about Israel. The case uncovered a nation with deeply held prejudices that is undeserving of Israel's hand in peace. The writer is the founder and chairman of the Abraham Global Peace Initiative.

2023-09-04 00:00:00

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