There Are No Anti-Arab "Apartheid" Roads in Judea and Samaria

(Jerusalem Post) Yigal Dilmoni - Judea and Samaria contain 2,500 km. of roads for intercity traffic, of which 1,600 km. are located in Area C. Arabs can use all the roads, including those in Area C, apart from those that provide access inside Jewish communities and security zones controlled by the IDF, which comprise only 3% of the area. At the same time, Israelis are permitted to drive in Area C, but entry into Area A constitutes a criminal offense. Therefore, almost 35% of the region's roads are off limits to Jewish Israeli traffic. The ban on Jewish traffic can be construed as racist, seeing that an equal ban is not enforced when it comes to Arab Israeli citizens.

2023-08-31 00:00:00

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