Israel Cannot Stop Iranian Nuclear Program by Itself

[Council on Foreign Relations ] Bernard Gwertzman - Asked about a possible Israeli attack on Iranian nuclear sites, Gary Sick, who served as the Iran officer in the National Security Councils of the Ford, Carter, and Reagan administrations, responded: "Israel cannot do the job by itself and would have to have American assistance not only to carry it out, but also to follow up. Clearly, one quick strike like the bombing of the Osirak nuclear reactor in Iraq in 1981 cannot do it. And it's hard to believe that Israel could carry out multiple bombing raids, even if they decided to try to do it without U.S. assistance....So, in the end, you are probably making it more likely that Iran will get a nuclear weapon, perhaps even faster, and probably the Iranian people will gravitate around this hard-liner government that they don't particularly like out of national support."

2008-07-22 01:00:00

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