The Safety of Israeli Lives Does Take Precedence over Unlimited Freedom of Access for Palestinians

(Jerusalem Post) David Brinn - The construction of the security barrier and extra checkpoints throughout the West Bank are a blight on the landscape and an affront to an "open borders" policy that freedom-loving people aspire to. However, they have saved countless lives. There doesn't seem to be any argument over the right of people not to be arbitrarily killed or targeted in hate crimes - and that in order to achieve that, it means that security sometimes trumps some unrestricted freedom of travel - whether at a checkpoint or a metal detector at an airport. That's a fact for everyone since 9/11 in the West as well. Although the vast majority of Palestinians are not terrorists, those in their midst whose life goal is to murder Israelis are the ones who created the reality that all have to live with now. I really believe that Israel would like nothing better than to demolish the security barriers and dismantle the checkpoints. But until that's possible, I'm thankful every day that they exist. The writer is managing editor of the Jerusalem Post.

2023-08-28 00:00:00

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