Israel's Energy Boom

(Washington Post) Shira Rubin - The natural gas processing rig for Israel's Karish field in the Mediterranean is like a floating town. The $2 billion project, which came online last fall, is manned by a crew of 145 Israelis and foreign workers. They are trained to oversee on-site gas refinement and respond to the unique security risks of an Israeli installation. Natural gas has transformed Israel into a regional energy powerhouse, with gas accounting for more than 70% of its electricity. There are an estimated 1.75 trillion cubic feet of reserves in the Karish field alone; already, it produces 35% of the gas consumed by Israel. Shaul Zemach, chief executive of the Israeli subsidiary of Energean, thinks there could be even more abundant wells 2-3 km. below the current extraction level.

2023-08-10 00:00:00

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