Palestinian Authority Refuses Israel's Lifeline to Prevent Collapse

(Foundation for Defense of Democracies) The Palestinian Authority on July 10 rejected an Israeli offer to help prevent its collapse in exchange for Palestinian steps to halt key anti-Israel policies. Under Israel's terms, the PA would cease its activities against Israel in international diplomatic and legal forums, stop illegal construction in parts of the West Bank, end incitement against Israelis, and stop pay-to-slay payments to families of Palestinian terrorists who kill Israelis. In return, Israel would take economic, tourist, and security measures to stabilize the PA. In refusing the bailout offer, PA Prime Minister Mohammad Shtayyeh vowed to continue anti-Israel efforts in the international arena and reiterated a 2018 pledge by President Mahmoud Abbas, who said, "Even if we have only a penny left, we will give it to the martyrs, the prisoners, and their families." Jonathan Schanzer, Senior Vice President for Research at FDD, said, "The PA has been on the brink of collapse for years. Some of this is due to American cutbacks promoted by congressional outrage over 'pay-to-slay' budgets. In addition, the PA has lost the support of Gulf Arab states owing to the stagnant and corrupt leadership of Mahmoud Abbas."

2023-07-13 00:00:00

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