Palestinian Terrorists, Not Jewish Homes, Cause Violence in the West Bank

One claim that we must oppose with all our might is that the construction of homes for Israeli families significantly fuels violence in the West Bank. Palestinian terrorists have never wanted for pretexts to attack Jews. Palestinian terrorist groups are using the construction of homes for Israeli families in the Jewish heartland as an excuse to murder Jews in their homes, on the roads, in their synagogues, and elsewhere. If it were true that the construction of homes causes violence, it would follow logically that the absence of such construction should bring about a lull in that violence. But the 10-month settlement freeze declared by Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu in November 2009 did no such thing. Numerous Israelis, both soldiers and civilians, were murdered by Palestinian terrorists during that period. What drives Palestinian terrorism is the persistent refusal to countenance any sovereign Jewish presence in this land, the hatred and dehumanization of Jews, the ongoing incitement to violence in Palestinian schools and mosques, and the Palestinian Authority's incentivization of terrorism by means of financial inducements and rewards. Jewish homes do not cause violence. Terrorists cause violence. To compare the construction of homes to the wanton murder of innocent civilians is to engage in a stunning perversion of basic morality. (Jerusalem Post)

2023-07-03 00:00:00

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