Israeli Forces Launch a Massive Defensive Operation Targeting Jenin and "Terrorist Headquarters"

(UPI) Israeli forces overnight launched a massive military operation in the West Bank, targeting what officials said was a terrorist headquarters within a Palestinian city's refugee camp. The Israel Defense Forces said early Monday that security forces were conducting "an extensive counterterrorism effort" in the area of Jenin. The officials said a "joint operations center" of the militant group, the Jenin Brigades, within the camp was hit by the IDF and the Israel Security Agency. The operational command center purportedly served as an advanced observation and reconnaissance center where accused armed terrorists would gather before and after conducting terrorist activities, the IDF said in a statement published to Telegram, adding that it is also a site where weapons and explosives were stored and was used as a coordination and communications hub.

2023-07-03 00:00:00

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