There Is No Value in Agreements with Iran

(JNS) Israeli Foreign Minister Eli Cohen interviewed by Amichai Stein - Cohen: "The whole world is exposed to the fact that Iranian weapons are killing Ukrainian citizens, and this increases the world's desire to take measures against Iran. We explain the danger posed by the Iranians to every country that is in contact with Iran....They are the number one financiers of terrorism. A nuclear Iran is not only a danger to Israel but also to the world." "We think that there is no value in agreements with Iran. Its desire to obtain nuclear weapons is intended to continue regional instability, to continue to violate human rights. We made it clear....We will not accept any agreement." Q: How much does the relationship between Iran and the Gulf bother you? Cohen: "It's all a show. Any exchange of ambassadors between these countries and Iran is only for outside observers. Inside there is tension, the hatred and fear are very great."

2023-06-26 00:00:00

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