How Iran's Quds Force Operates in Syria

(Combating Terrorism Center at West Point) Pierre Boussel - The key mission of the Quds Force of the Revolutionary Guards (IRGC) is to defend the Iranian Islamic Revolution and create armed militias in the countries of its "Axis of Resistance." Although the Quds Force apparatus in Syria has been under pressure from Israeli airstrikes, Tehran is infiltrating Syrian civil society and sending fighters to the north, where the civil war will one day end, and to the south, on the edge of the Golan Heights, to establish a base against Israel. Iranian forces in Syria have many enemies, especially among Sunnis. The actions of their militias are spied on and reported. The average person with a smartphone and an internet connection are all it takes to spread information that makes Iranian movements in Syria visible. By dint of proselytizing, Iranian intelligence forgets to be discreet. Apart from Israel, the favorite target of pro-Iranian militias is the American contingent stationed in Syria, comprised of 900 personnel. U.S. Defense Secretary Lloyd Austin revealed on March 29, 2023, that 83 attacks had been carried out against their positions since the beginning of President Biden's term of office.

2023-06-26 00:00:00

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