There Is No Equivalence between Terrorists and Their Victims

(Jerusalem Post) Editorial - UN Middle East envoy Tor Wennesland says we are seeing a "continuing cycle of violence." In this worldview, both sides are committing acts of violence, both sides are suffering casualties, and both sides are equally responsible, disregarding what came before. The IDF entered Jenin on Monday to arrest terrorists. If the Palestinian Authority was doing its job, the IDF would not have to do so. If terrorism was not a real peril, the IDF would not have to do so. This is not a "both sides are to blame" situation. Without terror, there would be no reason for IDF operations inside Palestinian areas. Because there is terror, those actions are essential to safeguard Israeli lives. Some will try to link Tuesday's murders of four innocent Israelis with this or that Israeli policy. That is false. Ideological hatred of Jews and Israel fueled the terrorists who needed no excuse to seek out victims to murder. There can be no equivalence between terrorists and their victims.

2023-06-22 00:00:00

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