Poll: Jordanian Sentiment Against Israel Remains Strong

(Washington Institute for Near East Policy) Faris Almaari - Despite being officially at peace with Israel for almost three decades, 84% of Jordanians across all age groups oppose having business deals with Israeli companies even if it would help their economy, according to a public opinion poll conducted in March/April. 76% agreed that "in case of an earthquake or other natural disaster, as we just saw in Syria and Turkey, Arab countries should refuse any humanitarian aid from Israel." 60% of Jordanians view Hamas firing missiles at Israel at least somewhat positively. Only 12% perceive the Abraham Accords positively. Just 13% believe the U.S. should prioritize doing "more to help counter the threats we face from Iran." 69% oppose Arab cooperation with Israel to combat Iran. Despite Iran's nuclear ambitions, 59% oppose the idea of an Arab country acquiring a nuclear bomb to counter Iran. 78% of Jordanians agree that "in the war going on now between Russia and Ukraine, the best outcome would be a Russian victory, including the annexation of significant Ukrainian territory to Russia."

2023-06-15 00:00:00

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