Lebanon's Choice: Side with the West or Iran

[New York Post] Amir Taheri - Rival powers are pouring vast sums of money into Lebanon in the hope of influencing the general election to be held this spring. The Khomeinist regime in Tehran is showering its various agents, clients and allies with "more money than they could use," says a former Lebanese army officer. Indeed, "the Iranians have decided to buy enough votes to secure a majority in the next parliament and form the future government." The biggest recipient of Iran's largesse is Hizbullah, that Tehran controls through some 500 members of the Islamic Revolutionary Guard Corps and numerous theological and political "commissars." Inside the Maronite Christian community, the faction led by ex-Gen. Michel Aoun sides with Iran and is running on a militant anti-Western platform. If the Aounites win, an Iranian-led anti-Western coalition will have the seats to form a government and Lebanon would become the frontline of the war that Iran wants to wage to "wipe Israel off the map."

2008-12-22 06:00:00

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