Normalization with Saudi Arabia Will Come Incrementally

(Media Line) Nicole Jansezian - Is a peace agreement between Saudi Arabia and Israel imminent? Yechiel M. Leiter, director-general of the Jerusalem Center for Public Affairs, said, "There is an awful lot of normalization that can go on that does not include [a signing] ceremony." He noted that ongoing unofficial cooperation on security, permission for Israel to use Saudi airspace, and possible direct flights from Israel for Israeli Muslims for the Haj don't need formal relations. "The fact that they have a rapprochement with Iran has a lot more to do with the United States stepping back," Leiter added. "The substantial aspect of normalization is going to come incrementally. It's [Saudi crown prince] MBS' pattern even within Saudi Arabia's domestic affairs. There's no reason to assume that normalization with Israel is not going to be incremental. Saudi Arabia is the titular head of the Arab and Muslim worlds and any agreement with Israel has to be understood in those epic proportions and not just a simple technical, logistical peace-signing."

2023-05-25 00:00:00

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