The Inconvenient Palestinians

(Spectator-UK) Stephen Daisley - Abdullah Abu Jaba was an inconvenient Palestinian, one who cannot be held up as the latest victim of Zionist aggression. Abu Jaba, a father of six, was not killed by Israel, but by a Palestinian Islamic Jihad rocket. He was a laborer at an agricultural building site in Israel near the boundary with Gaza. He was one of the 18,000 Palestinians from Gaza who go to work in Israel every day. His brother, Hamad, was seriously injured in the same attack. Israel's defense ministry has recognized Abu Jaba as a terror victim, meaning his widow and children will receive the same compensation payments that go to Israeli families bereaved by terrorism. Among the civilian casualties recorded in the past week were other inconvenient Palestinians: Ahmed Muhammad a-Shabaki (51), Rami Shadi Hamdan (16), Yazan Jawdat Fathi Elayyan (16), and Layan Bilal Mohammad Abdullah Mdoukh (10). Each is believed to have perished after Islamic Jihad rockets fell short and dropped inside Gaza instead of Israel. Yet Palestinians killed by Palestinian terrorism and who lack symbolic value are of lesser interest. To Palestinian political leaders, the Palestinians are emblems of victimhood, their deaths peddled as martyrdom for the domestic audience and ethnic oppression for gullible CNN producers.

2023-05-18 00:00:00

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