Israel's Military Readiness Remains Strong despite Political Protests

(Medialine) Mark Lavie - Behind the latest flare-up between Israel and Palestinian Islamic Jihad in Gaza was the assumption that recent demonstrations against the government show Israel is weak. Yet there has not been a single confirmed case of a reservist failing to report because of opposition to the government. There are no reports of any increase in the small numbers of conscientious objectors or any reports about conscripts refusing to serve. Do Israel's enemies think this is a good time to attack? Of course they do. For terrorists, any time is a good time. Israel's deterrence against an Iranian attack does not depend on which government is in power in Jerusalem or who's on the streets protesting it. Foreign experts believe Israel has a nuclear weapons submarine capability. Israel is likely to face periodic terror attacks and rocket barrages. That's how it is here. It has nothing to do with who is in power.

2023-05-15 00:00:00

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