The Rollercoaster of Israeli Life near the Gaza Border

(Ynet News) Matan Tzuri - My family lives in the Gaza border area. During each round of cross-border violence, we experience the sprint for the bomb shelter, the whistling of falling rockets, the tears, panic, and terror, the questions the children ask without answers, the sleepless nights and restless sleep. This is the reality around these parts. It is difficult for anyone who doesn't live here to understand. In every home in the Gaza border area, sirens and explosions jolt the soul. We have experienced more than 20 years of rocket fire, with our lives swinging between routine and emergency. From Tuesday afternoon until the next morning, residents living throughout the entire region halted their lives and entered bomb shelters because Islamic Jihad decided so. It means everything is canceled in an instant: classes, transportation, concerts, hangouts. Complete shutdown. This transition from routine to emergency happens within seconds.

2023-05-04 00:00:00

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