Netanyahu: The Only Way to Stop a Nuclear Iran Is with a Credible Military Threat

(CNN) Fareed Zakaria - Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu told CNN on Sunday: "We're doing everything to make sure that the forces that are basically financed and equipped and pushed by Iran, that are trying to foment this violence around our borders and within our borders, do not succeed." "Our Arab neighbors...have no illusions about the danger of Iran and Iran-sponsored terrorism and aggression in the region and they also have no illusion about the fact that Israel is a force for stability, for peace and for security." "Peace with the major Arab countries is not only possible, I think it's likely and I'm doing everything that I can - not everything is above the surface - to advance it because I think it will change history. It will be a pivot of history. It will end the Arab-Israeli conflict and will advance the solution of the Palestinian-Israeli conflict." "The alliance between the United States and Israel is strong. It has strong bipartisan support....I don't know of many countries that have within a few days, the Democratic and Republican leaders of both [houses of Congress] coming to Jerusalem and supporting Israel. And 400 and more congressmen and congresswomen [voted for] legislation strongly supporting the Jewish state on its 75th anniversary. So I'm confident about the strength of our alliance." "If you want to stop Iran from becoming a military nuclear power, the only way that you can stop them is with a credible military threat. This is what worked against Saddam Hussein's nuclear weapon program in Iraq. That was done by us. This is what worked against Bashar al-Assad's nuclear military plans in Syria. That was done by us. This is what worked against Gaddafi's Libya's military nuclear plan. It was stopped by a credible military threat on your part." "The onus is on all of us - Israel, the United States, the free world and many of our Arab neighbors - to do everything in our power to prevent Iran from becoming a military nuclear power."

2023-05-01 00:00:00

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