The Price Israel Pays for Its Existence

(Substack) Melanie Phillips - Israel's Remembrance Day is when the nation commemorates all those who have fallen in battle defending it and all those Israeli civilians who have been murdered by Arab terrorism. Since Israel was established in 1948, 24,213 men and women have been killed in military service and 4,255 men, women, and children have been murdered in terror attacks. The following day is Israel Independence Day. For Israelis, rejoicing over that astonishing achievement is necessarily anchored in the awareness that is never far from the surface - that the price they have paid to be citizens of their own country has been agonizingly steep. That price is still being paid, as Israelis continue to be regularly attacked and murdered and their young conscript soldiers continue to be sent to defend their country against enemies bent upon its extermination. Far too many in the West swallow wholesale the Palestinian Arabs' propaganda. They fail to acknowledge the Palestinian Arabs' medieval and Nazi-style Jew-hatred and their true agenda of exterminating Israel. The West supports and funds them while demonizing and delegitimizing Israel, whose unique claim to the land is based firmly on historical fact and international law.

2023-04-27 00:00:00

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