Israel's UN Envoy Walks Out of Security Council to Protest Memorial Day Session

(Times of Israel) Luke Tress - Israel's envoy to the UN, Gilad Erdan, walked out of the Security Council on Tuesday and read the names of Israelis killed in the past year to protest the body holding a session critical of Israel on Israel's Memorial Day. "Today is one of the most sacred days of the year for the State of Israel," Erdan said. "We made numerous requests to reschedule today's debate, describing the deep importance of the day, yet tragically, this council refused to budge." Addressing Russian Foreign Minister Sergey Lavrov, who was chairing the session, Erdan asked, "What would you do if this council was convening to single out and condemn the Russian Federation and your soldiers on the 9th of May, on Victory Day over the Nazis?" He added, "I refuse to spend this sacred day listening to lies and condemnation. This debate disgraces the fallen and Israel will not take part in it."

2023-04-27 00:00:00

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