Iran Fears Israel Will Join Forces with Azerbaijan and Turkey

(Israel Hayom) Ayoob Kara - Iran's Foreign Ministry recently claimed that the establishment of Azerbaijan's new embassy in Tel Aviv, where Israeli Foreign Minister Eli Cohen called for a "united front" against Iran, constituted a clear national security threat to Iran. The Iranians are greatly concerned that their neighbor is increasingly becoming close to the country it calls the "little Satan," with Azerbaijan supplying Israel with oil and Israel being one of the main arms suppliers for Azerbaijan. Around the same time, six Iranian spies were arrested in Baku and four Iranian diplomats were declared persona non grata in Azerbaijan. These incidents occurred after Iran attempted to assassinate an Azerbaijani MP and attacked the Azerbaijani Embassy in Tehran, killing a security guard. The Iranians fear that Israel, Azerbaijan, and Turkey will join forces with Azerbaijanis inside Iran, who will work together with other ethnic groups in the country to topple the mullahs' regime. In the eyes of Tehran, this is a greater threat than a direct Israeli military attack on Iran's nuclear facilities. The writer, an Israeli Druze, is a former Minister of Communications and a veteran Knesset member.

2023-04-20 00:00:00

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