Reframing the Middle East Narrative

(Substack) Melanie Phillips - Israel's defenders need to do to its enemies what is done to Israel: to paint them as extreme, unconscionable and a mortal threat to life and liberty. Its defenders should do it through truth, morality and reason, redefining who is truly victim and victimizer in the Middle East. The Jews are the indigenous people of Israel. While many others have lived there over the centuries, the Jews are the only people - as a people - for whom it was ever their national kingdom, and the only people still around today who had their homeland there taken away from them by force. Historically, Arabs and Muslims were colonial invaders who occupied the Land of Israel by force. The "Palestinians" are Arab colonialists who aim once again to occupy the land and wipe out the indigenous inhabitants, the Jewish people, from their own homeland. Palestine was the insulting name given to Judea by the Romans. The Arabs living there at the time of the Balfour Declaration in 1917 identified themselves mainly as southern Syrians or else just as Arabs. The Palestinians repeatedly declare that not one Jew will be allowed to live in a state of Palestine. Around 20% of Israel's population consists of Israeli Arabs with full civil rights. All who promote the Palestinian agenda therefore endorse racist ethnic cleansing.

2023-03-23 00:00:00

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