Israel's Targeted Counter-Terror Raids Contrast with Wanton Palestinian Attacks

(Investigative Project on Terrorism) Steven Emerson - Terrorism originating from the West Bank soared in 2022, according to a comprehensive analysis released in January by the Meir Amit Intelligence and Terrorism Information Center. Attacks by Palestinians from the West Bank increased 62% in 2002, killing 31 Israelis. Four Israelis were killed in 2021 attacks. Israel launched "Operation Break the Wave" a year ago to try to curb these attacks. Security forces made more than 2,600 terrorism-related arrests, seized 493 weapons, and shut down 14 weapons manufacturing workshops. These raids often led to deadly confrontations. Israeli security forces killed 154 Palestinians in 2022, identifying 130 who were involved in terrorist activity. The Center's report noted that the Palestinian Authority continues to foster a "martyrdom culture." It "continued encouraging popular terrorism, what they refer to as 'peaceful popular resistance.' It includes hard core and often fatal violence, and is not, as Palestinian leadership rhetoric claims, or as the PA represents it to the West, in any way 'peaceful.'...The PA praises the terrorist operatives and gives their families special treatment, including financial support." Palestinian media often deliberately twists reality to further incite the killings of Jews by turning the terrorist into the victim and turning the victim into the terrorist. Rather than report the truth that a Palestinian was killed ramming a car into Israelis, or was shot stabbing an Israeli civilian, Palestinians are told the Israelis "executed" an innocent person. Western governments deliberately turn a blind eye to decades of Palestinian institutional incitement to carry out terrorist atrocities against Jews and provide payouts of massive financial rewards to those who do. They have an ideological anti-Israeli bias that does not hold the Palestinians to any standard.

2023-03-20 00:00:00

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