Hamas: An Outsider Cannot Understand the Intensity of a Palestinian's Joy at News of a Terror Attack Against Israelis

(MEMRI) On March 12, 2023, the Felesteen daily, identified with Hamas, describes the rising joy and adrenalin that erupt in the Palestinian street following every terror attack against Israelis, such as suicide attacks and bombings of buses and cafes. This joy has a "special fragrance" as people gather in public squares and streets, passing out sweets, and embracing, along with cries of praise for Allah from mosques. There is tremendous happiness among the Palestinians when they hear news of terrorist attacks by West Bank Palestinians, who "add their unique fingerprint to the shooting operations in the streets of the tranquil [Israeli] cities," and who, with their deeds, are reviving the glory of the days of the Second Intifada.

2023-03-16 00:00:00

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