U.S. Should Stop Subsidizing the Murder of Americans

(JNS) Mitchell Bard - The Oslo Accords were predicated on Yasser Arafat's commitment to renounce "the use of terrorism and other acts of violence." Since Oslo, more than 1,600 Israelis have been slain by Palestinians, including 71 American citizens. Another 81 Americans have been injured. How much carnage will it take before the U.S. wakes up to the fact that the Palestinians have no interest in any solution in which a Jewish state exists? Palestinians are being nurtured by hate in their homes and schools, and by the incitement of their leaders. Generation after generation has been indoctrinated with the virtue of martyrdom and encouraged to maim and murder as many Jews as possible. In June 2022, 56% of Palestinians said they supported armed attacks against Israelis inside Israel, while only 28% supported a two-state solution. The Palestinian Authority rewards the killers of Americans and Israelis with monthly stipends. This pay-to-slay policy provides incentives for murder. By providing tens of millions of dollars in aid to the Palestinians, American taxpayers are indirectly subsidizing a program that rewards Palestinians who kill Americans. If the Palestinians need help, the wealthy Gulf states can easily meet their needs. However, those countries have reduced their funding because they are fed up with Palestinian intransigence, incompetence and ingratitude.

2023-03-09 00:00:00

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