Anti-Zionism Is the New Antisemitism

(JNS) Fiamma Nirenstein - The broader culture of our time is antisemitic. We see it everywhere - at demonstrations, in universities, in UN declarations, in mosques, in schools, and on TV and social media. This new antisemitism announces itself through hatred of Israel, comparing it to the Nazis and declaring it guilty of the worst of human acts: apartheid, genocide, colonialism. Because it was supported by America, Israel was declared an "imperialist" power, condemned by an automatic majority at the UN, and buzzwords like "occupation" came to be applied to the entirety of Israel and all its Jews, fundamentally delegitimizing the Jewish state. At the same time, the Palestinians were given total legitimacy, even as they made terrorism the most terrible weapon of our time, an example for terrorists all over the world, and even as they slaughtered innocents, persecuted their own people, and consistently refused offers of peace. Adherents of human rights have become outright antisemites - the worst human rights violators of all. They believe they are protecting human rights by attacking the Jews. Instead, they are enabling the rise of the cultural evil of antisemitism by wrapping it in the mantle of good. The writer, former vice president of the Committee on Foreign Affairs in the Italian Chamber of Deputies, is a fellow of the Jerusalem Center for Public Affairs and the author of Jewish Lives Matter.

2023-03-02 00:00:00

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