Gen. Amidror: Israeli Raid in Nablus

(The National-UAE) Thomas Helm - Maj.-Gen. (ret.) Yaakov Amidror, former head of Israel's National Security Council, said Thursday that the Israeli army raid in Nablus was "clearly worth the risk." The operation was launched against three suspects "planning attacks in the immediate future" and it was "a decision that could not be postponed. The information was that there was a terror group very ready for an attack....In the end, the risk of going into Nablus was less than letting them go out and hide somewhere else." Amidror played down fears that the operation might lead to a new intifada. "As far as we understand the situation in the West Bank today, the risk of a new intifada is very limited. Hamas and Islamic Jihad have less influence on the ground than they used to."

2023-02-27 00:00:00

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