Israel's UN Envoy Accuses New York Times of "Overt Anti-Israel Bias"

(Jerusalem Post) Haley Cohen - Israel's Ambassador to the UN Gilad Erdan on Wednesday sent a letter to the New York Times' executive editor sharply condemning the newspaper's "overt anti-Israel bias." Erdan called asymmetry in the Times' coverage of Israel, from opinion columns to news stories, "libelous narratives" and demanded the reporting be rectified. He cited a study by Bar-Ilan University covering 2022 which found 361 articles focusing on Israel, most of which disparage Israel and brand it a human right's violator. The number of opinion columns condemning Israel was almost double the number condemning Iran. "The cornerstones of journalism ethics are truth, accuracy, and objectivity - values that, when it comes to Israel, the Times deliberately refuses to uphold," he wrote. "When the New York Times chooses to demonize Israel, the very least professional journalism demands is that the reader is exposed to the whole story....Yet when the Times reports Israel's actions with nearly non-existent context, it actively contributes to warping the truth." "Due to your whitewashing of Palestinian terror and the propagation of half-truths, your readers are hardly aware of these Jihadist organizations' existence, let alone the constant threat they pose to Israel....Through this deceitful coverage, the Times not only twists the truth but also incentivizes terrorism." "Much of today's violent Jew-hatred takes the form of Israel-hatred. And part of the blame for this growing bigotry lays on your shoulders. The New York Times' libelous narratives are actively contributing to the growing hatred of my country and, as a result, your publication plays a role in endangering Jews around the globe."

2023-02-23 00:00:00

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